Sunday, December 28, 2008

Brand Tags

Recently ran across the concept of brand tags via an article in the Wall Street Journal.

"It’s called Brand Tags, and in just a few days the site has attracted more than 30,000 visitors and about 183,000 individual responses, according to Mr. Brier. His thinking: If a brand can be defined as the sum of all perceptions about it, what would he learn by asking people online to give their snap reactions to a bunch of logos?

Mr. Brier decided to show the results as a tag cloud–a format in which the size of the word corresponds to its frequency among responses. Frequently submitted words are shown in giant type, while rarely-submitted ones look tiny on the screen."

We all know that a brand is what your consumers perceive it to be. This experiment is a voluntary gut reaction. Interesting. Just for fun or will corporations use this as yet another resource for focus group chatter?

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