Sunday, December 28, 2008

New chefs

mike and i would like to officially welcome our two newest faces at mindsalt.

ashley revlett. our resident web designer and self-proclaimed youngest person in the group. ashley joins us after several years of freelance and attending school at the University of Louisville.

ashley has picked up many a spilled plate for clients and comes out on top each time. we value what she has done in these first few months.

ashley can be found on facebook, the local coffee shop, listening to a new band that comes to town or relaxing on her couch dreaming of code.

the second newbee is josh beatty. we first met josh at doe-anderson (somehow which becomes our 2 degrees of separation). josh curageously left doe to pursue his own company greener way, which he still manages and runs today. strategic planning and new business are his strengths, but resident barista and smart-ass are close seconds.

thanks to you both for helping push mindsalt to the next level.

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